iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 : Thinner, Lighter and  Faster!

Amit Kr

The new iPad2 ©

Now that the new iPad 2 has finally been announced; many of you might have been wondering if it is worth the efforts (read long queues) and the money to buy a new iPad 2. Well, I think the answer is a resounding Yes!! Apple has come with some innovative new features and great upgrades in iPad 2.  Here we preview some of the features of iPad 2 and also compare it with iPad so it is easy for our readers to decide if iPad 2 is worth the upgrade.

iPad 2 comes with a long list of features.  The first thing that got us excited in iPad 2 is the smart cover. There’s a new cover for the device, which is best defined by Steve Jobs himself: “We designed the case right alongside the product. It’s not a case — it’s a cover.” Basically, it’s a magnetic flap that protects the front and automatically wakes and puts the device to sleep according to whether it’s open or closed. It takes only milliseconds to open and close the cover and the whole process is flawless.

The new iPad 2 is 15% lighter than iPad and at 613 grams , it feels very comfortable to hold in hands.  It is also 33% thinner than the original iPad and at just 8.8 mm, you really forget the device and get immersed in the Apple feeling.

You must have heard that external looks are not everything. It is what inside the heart that counts. Apple does not disappoint us at that too. With the new A5 Dual Core processor; the new iPad2 is claimed by Apple to be twice as fast and the graphics performance is up to nine times better than on the original iPad, while power requirements have been kept the same. Battery life is great with Apple promising 10 hours. That means you can keep yourself hooked to movies on that trans-Atlantic flight without worrying about recharge.

One of the great things about iPad 2 is the dual cameras : Front and rear cameras.  The front camera is a VGA camera that can be used for facetime chats with other iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac users.  The rear camera can shoot 720p HD video at 30 fps.

The new iPad will come with the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 4.3.  This update enables better performance while using the Safari Internet browser, iTunes home sharing and Airplay improvements. It will also include the Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities found in the Verizon iPhones.

With built in gyroscope, high end processors and new apps for iMovie and GarageBand; the iPad 2 is a great multimedia experience.

Pricing :

AT&T introduced two new postpaid plans for tablets, a category that includes the upcoming iPad 2. Unlike prepaid plans which require customers to buy data allotments upfront, these new plans can be added to a customer’s current monthly cellular bill. This new postpaid option is month-to-month and does not require a long-term commitment.

Pricing for the postpaid plans mirror the prepaid plans with a $14.99 plan that provides 250 MB of data or a $25 plan with 2 GB of data. Overages on the new postpaid plans will be charged at a rate of $10 per 1 GB of overage. This is slightly less than the prepaid plans which charge customers $25 for an additional 2 GB of usage. These new plans give customers the freedom to choose how they would like to be billed for data to be used with their shiny new 3G iPad 2.

As a benefit for early adopters of the iPad 2, AT&T is offering a limited-time promotion that provides one free month of service for those that signup for the new $25/2 GB plan.

Below we have given a comparison table of iPad vs iPad 2.

iPad iPad 2
Base Price $349 (refurb), $399(new) $499
Colors Black Black or White
Dimensions 9.56 x 7.47 x 0.5 inches 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34 inches
Weight 1.5-1.6 pounds 1.33-1.35 pounds
Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB 16GB/32GB/64GB
Connections Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional AT&T 3G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional AT&T 3G or Verizon 3G
Screen 9.7-inch 1024×768 9.7-inch 1024×768
Processor 1GHz A4 1GHz dual-core A5
Battery Up to 10 hours Up to 10 hours
Cameras None 720p rear, VGA front
Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, 3-axis gyro
Location Wi-Fi, Compass, Optional GPS (3G version) Wi-Fi, Compass, Optional GPS (3G versions)
Conclusion :
With the great list of features and the magical Apple feeling found in every Apple device; I think iPad 2 is a great buy for new user and iPad users alike.  It will be available in stores and online from March 11.

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